About Us

Our Approach

We make Youtube videos about Star Wars Lore. We touch on everything from Species to Ships to Characters and hope to one day just have an amazing high quality online database that can be referenced.

We also have a Gonk.

Meet the Team

we are Fred and Alyss, we established the channel together and this is our growing team/family.

“Meta Girlfriend”

Gonk Girl

Occasionally in Live Streams, Voices Videos, and sometimes Helps Script Write and Edit

Soon to be Meta wife



Main Voice, Script Writer, Editor, Creator

“The Cats”

Our Cats

You’ll find them on our Instagram @metanerdzlore


He Likes to Dance. We take him to Conventions with us. He has a habit of -walking into dance circles

– trying to walk off with strangers

-and being all around cheeky.

But that’s our Gonk.