Our Star wars Wedding

Video Credit: Shutter and Sound

A highlight to the greatest night of our lives. I could not be more grateful for everything that night. I want to thank everyone that was able to make it, both physically and digitally. I’m hoping to get more videos and photos soon.


All the vendors for this event were so amazing, but I need to especially highlight my wedding planner Lily with Cardin Events, JC at Longan’s Place, our Photographers Nat and Bryan, Marz Makeup and Hair and the 501st Everglades Squadron. They not only went above and beyond for us but they helped us put together the greatest night of our lives. We would also like to thank our family and friends, especially my Mom, without you guys the wedding would not have been the same. God knows planning this wedding was a really high anxiety thing for me, not because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get married. I was very positive I wanted to get married, but I often found myself lost or confused or frustrated with planning. I wanted to find the perfect balance between Star Wars and a beautiful wedding but couldn’t find anyone that had done what I wanted. Often times I found myself struggling with some abstract idea in my head and I really had a hard time picturing things. There were some great ideas right off the bat and other ideas that just didn’t fit right but we kept going back to the drawing board until finally things started to fall into place and I think that after a ton of planning, I mean a TON of PLANNING, some failed purchases and a fight about candles, we got it. I’m hoping to break down parts of the wedding that I feel deserve their own spotlight because this wedding was Out of This Galaxy. (Yes, I’m married now so I get to be that level of cheesy)Thank you all for everything.

We love you and are grateful you’re here from the bottom of our hearts.

Alyss and Freddy Snyder


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